Grey Coral


Grey Coral 2

I wished I were able to describe as good with words the outfit I am wearing today as images can. The boyfriend blazer from So Many Styles and the Feather Wrapped Fedora from Mon Tissu are the bases, working pretty good together to create a tomboy look. The Leopard Hight waist skirt adds a 80’s side to it. I have always liked the combination of grey and pink, asif the grey was taking a bit away the girly feeling from pink.

Grey Coral

I seem to have a problem with poses recently. I don’t know if I have too few or too many but I don’t seem to find easily the ones I want. As I couldn’t find one I liked to show the outfit and the awesome bag from MR. Poet all together, I have decided to hang the bag as a background item.


Lips makeup: [PXL] GAIA SK Rose Lips (Tattoo)
Eyes makeup: [PXL] GAIA SK Grey Eyes (Tattoo)
Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Warm Silver (S)
Hair: [kik]hair-Rena II(brown)
Jacket: {SMS} Boyfriend’s Blazer Indian Red
Shirt: {SMS} Cropped Tank Grey
Skirts: {SMS} Leopard High Waist Skirt Coral
Pants: {SMS} Denim Light Grey
Hat: {mon tissu} Feather Wrapped Fedora ~ Gray
Ring: Donna Flora MARIA ring R
Bracelet: Atelier AM .+*AA*+.ball braceret *pink
Bag: ::Mr.Poet::Leather Backpack
Shoes: Ingenue :: Nina :: Pewter at Albero Gacha Festival
Poses: Reel Expression

Bye bye,


The Secret Store Popsicle Dress



Here is one of the super cute dresses from the Secret Store which will be released at Culture Shock on May 1st. It comes in several prints, colors and options if you prefer it with sleeves or as a bustier to wear under the new jackets.

mint 4

mint 2


Skin: Curio :GP: Sundust Frex [Light] Pout-Pure 2
Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Mint (S)
Hair: [ 69 ] OLIVIA 03 – Mauve –
Dress: The Secret Store – Popsicle Dress – Mint Polka
Hat: [LeLutka]-DORA hat/black
Earrings: Donna Flora DREAM earrings+HUD
Bag: HouseofFox :: RomanBag[Green Icing]
Shoes: Donna Flora DF JESSE shoes aqua
Poses: Reel Expression

Bye bye,


Ribbon Sweater


Maylee's Choice 2

Just a few words to tell you about my new addiction: The Secret Store and the awesome clothing you can find there. I am wearing here the latest Sweater in White. The ribbon which decorates it is adorable and the textures effect on the sculpty gives it a mohair warm and comfortable look. For only 150 L$, you have to get one!

Maylee's Choice

Skin: [PXL] Kasumi SK RoseLips
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Hair: Exile Nyx/cinnamon
Sweater: The Secret Store – Ribbon Sweater – White
Jacket: (TokiD) toggle jacket (grandpa)
Scarf: *League* Vintage Scarf -Sangria
Short: (Milk Motion) My leather shorts at The Dressing Room Blue
Tights: The Secret Store – October Bloom
Bag: (Celestial Studios) Hobo Bag – Burgundy Suede
Poses: Adorkable
Reel Expression *Luth*

Bye bye,

What’s New Copycat?

No, I don’t believe my title is orginal, I actualy think it has been used before.

Plum 3

I am bored, bored with what I see on the feeds lately. Everywhere the same, everywhere the same new hair, everywhere the same new clothes, everywhere the same new accessories.

I am bored with so-called designers. Everywhere the same textures, everywhere the same sculpties. Everywhere the same RL inspirations. Hey look, the latest Lady Gaga excentricity! … declined in 10 SL versions.. how original!

I am bored with bloggers. Everywhere the same designers featured, everywhere the same reviews of new offered review copies, everywhere the same SL shadows and pictures, everywhere the same lack of content. I have to say some of my favorite bloggers have left and sadly, they were not replaced. The last one being Fayne Khandr who is on a indefinite blogging hiatus. I am not close to Fayne, i’ve spoken once or twice with her and she seemed to be a nice person but really, I miss her blog. She was one of the few I was looking forward for new articles as she was actualy offering us something to read, combined with a great sense of style and pictures telling a story. I don’t know why she has stopped, I am not close enough to bug her, I respect her choice, but yeah, I miss her blog posts.

I am bored with SL fashion. Doh wait… Am I different?

Plum 2

NOPE! I am not different! I do exactly the same! I only need to have a look at today’s style to know I am not different! It actualy started with me being sick, staying home, calling doctor and going to the pharmacy to get my medicines, 2 weeks ago. There, the owner of the drugstore was not wearing her white blouse like usual but she was actualy wearing a light grey woolen tunique with violet tights, black boots and belt and violet under-sweater. I was like “wow” she looks good with that. Then I’ve been thinking about what I could use in Second Life to create the same look. So, no, I am not original…

Yesterday, as I was looking for hair to finish the look, I’ve found that Truth Raquel style in my inventory. I actualy had never used it as it is very special and I had seen some other people doing a great job with it. One of those people being Leah McCullough. I remembered having seen a great picture of her wearing the same style. I mean no offense to others having used this style but Leah’s job is the one that had struck me at that time. Leah was kind enough to let me use her picture for my blog. See how pretty she is and how good the picture is.

LDD II Sep 10, 2007

But back to the point, when I saw that style, i immediately thought “yes! that is the one i need!” Not because it looks great, not because it works good with the style, but because someone else did a great job featuring it already!

and here is my version of it.

Sometimes, I won’t blog an outfit because I am pretty sure everyone will blog it and I don’t think I am good enough to do better, Sometimes I still blog it, because it is that or nothing at all. I wished I could have the choice to blog something else but then, I am looking at the new creations, everywhere the same, and unfortunately, I have to say very few things will make me want to buy them these last days, not even the bloggers featuring them, including me… and that is boring.

Skin: [PXL] Kasumi SK RoseLips
Eyes make-up: [PXL] Kasumi SK Smoke Eyes
Shape: ** Dunes ** Heather Shape
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Hair: >TRUTH< Raquel – auburn
Dress: AOHARU_CablesKnitDress_White
Sweater: So Many Styles {SMS} Winter Sweater Plum
Tights: Maitreya Allure Tights – Violet
Necklace: So Many Styles {SMS} Pearl Lily Necklace Black
Boots: *COCO*_EngineerBoots(Black)
Poses: Reel Expression *Luth*

Bye bye,

Origami Journalist


This fun ensemble is !Ohmai’s proposal for the continuation of the Designer United Fair. Several participants have decided to gather once again to show us the creations they had imagined for the themes which were not selected for the last DU4: 60 space age, metamorphosis and the last one, Origami. The Designer Unlimited 19 is hosted at the Slow sim and there are plenty of funny items to get there.

The jacket is made of old New York Times newspapers, which are orginaly assembled to give that 1930/40’s look to the ensemble and we can see here a smart use of the system skirt for the bottom.

Steampunk Museum 2

Steampunk Museum

Skin: [PXL] Dafne NAT GL NudeLips MEB
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Eyelashes: :: Exodi :: Eyelashes
Hair: >TRUTH< Gloria – Copper
Jacket, skirt and hat: !Ohmai : DUnltd New York Origami at Designer Unlimited 19
Earrings: Donna Flora DREAM earrings+HUD
Shoes and tights: Maitreya Gold – Allure-Tights Black
Bag: ETD Accessories: City Handbag (Black Croc) (no longer available)
Poses: *Reel Expression*
Location: Nemo 2 Steampunk Museum

Bye bye,

Nyte’N’Day Sale

Everything is on sale at Nyte’N’Day from 25 to 50%. No end date given. Only 50 L$ for this great skirt I am wearing!

Nyte Sale 2

Nyte Sale

Skin: [PXL] Dafne NAT GL NudeLips MEB
Freckles and dimples: L.Fauna Dimples Freckles
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Eyelashes: :: Exodi :: Eyelashes
Hair: >TRUTH< Lanie Streaked – caramel
Corset: *Nyte’N’Day – Plica Black
Top: Nyte’N’Day – Sunder II Shirt (Part of Outfit)
Skirt: Nyte’N’Day – Vestige Skirt Light Floral
Scarf: Kyoot – Soft Warm Neck Wrap
Belt: Nyte’N’Day – Ginger Belt – Burnt/Black Studs
Boots: *COCO* _Over-the-kneeBoots_(Brown)
Poses: *Reel Expression*

Bye bye,

Glam Rock by Emery

Claire Emery

Claire Yri

Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::Yri:: Caramel SmokeyPlus CL1 HBBrown
Shape: ** Dunes ** Claire Shape (ot yet released)
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Blue 2]
Hair: – Raina – Thoughtful Brown
Jacket: Emery – Jacket Sheena #Blue
Top: Emery – Mini Top Striped #10 Upper
Skirt: Emery – Denim Skirt Palette #03
Hat: Emery – Beret Tropez #Navy S
Jewels: *REDGRAVE* Jewelry Cyrcle Dream -Gold-
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Hana Red Tiger
Poses: *Reel Expression*

Beautiful & Bored

This is exactly how I feel about SL lately. But that is fine, RL is calling and soon, I’ll rant about the fact i don’t have enough time for SL. Don’t worry if you see me less active in the coming weeks, i haven’t given up at all. It is only that I have less time to make shapes, build looks and take pictures.

Alice Beautiful &amp; Bored

I am wearing a preview of the soon to be released Tuli Audrey Skin. If you’re a member of the TULI Update Group, you can get a preview as a gift in 2 tones at the mainstore. It offers us a soft and delicate face. I particularly like the lips and the lighting on it, they remind me of a soft rose petal. The shadings of the nose lets the shape appear pretty good. With some skins, you need dramatic differences in the shape to see changes in the avatar, as the shadows of the skin are covering a bit too much. Here, Tuli’s Audrey has soft shadows which are not masking the shape completely.

Alice Tuli Audrey Portrait

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Audrey (tone 2/co/fr) :: VIP group exclusive
Shape: ** Dunes ** Alice Shape
Hair: [LeLutka]- -AMANDA 3 hair – BlondeFun
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Teal 1]
Top: Emery at The Dressing Room Blue>
[ATOMIC] Bleached_Jeans – Black
Necklace: Whippet & Buck [W&B] Love is a Deserter Necklace – Gacha at Shoe Fair
Cuffs: Ha! Leather Cuffs *black* at The Dressing Room Blue>
*COCO* _WideBelt_Black
Poses: *Reel Expression*
Background Texture: *BOOM* – Project Themeory – Beachy Nautical Textures!

Bye bye,

Flea Market


as you most certainly already know,there is a flea market event at Pookie Promenade with plenty of great vintage inspired items. In this post, i’ve chosen to showcase a dress from ::{u.f.o}:: and an adorable bag from duboo wich is typical for a flea market. Too bad they hadn’t got the matching wallet!

If you’re looking more closely at the shoes on the first picture, you’ll see those are grey instead of mint green. I’ve chosen to let them this way as this is how they appear to me most of the time in SL lately. I don’t know about you but i am getting more trouble each day to take correct pictures whatever viewer i may try. Typically, I crash and some sculpty appear grey until i clear cash yet again. Sorry Linden Labs but I am not keen to clear my cash 5 times a day. Please, do something about this.

Emma Flea Market 2 1024

Emma Flea Market 1024

Skin: [PXL] Candy TAN NE NudeLips MEB FR
Shape: ** Dunes ** Emma Shape
Hair: – Hailey – Jaded Blond
Eyes: :: Exodi :: Tetra Eyes – Naturals (Ocean)(Sm/V)
Top: ::{u.f.o}:: cina vintage op turkish delight
Capri: (Milk Motion) My harem pants *white* past Fifty Linden Friday offer
Necklace: Baiastice_Allure de rase’-dark emerald_collar cest feathers at The Dressing Room Blue (paert of outfit)
Earrings: ~SIGMA~Jewels/ Siren earrings (charcoal, silver) Bangles: ~SIGMA~Jewels/ Siren bracelet (charcoal, silver) L~
Shoes: #OC# Mercy – Mint
Bag: duboo.aunt’s vintage bag [Flower]
Poses: *Reel Expression*
Location: Salimar

Bye bye,

Wrapped Chocolate


today’s look reminds me of chocolate wrapped in some fancy paper. Yummy! It started with that dress from Chantakare which is on sale at the moment. I quickly added the jewels from Uzuri. I was already wearing one of the new Truth hairstyle which, unfortunately didn’t have a teal option ribbon. Yes, I already had in mind to add some teal to the outfit when I saw those new skins at today’s Fifty Linden Friday Offer from L.Fauna. There are 3 different tones, with and without freckles and with 2 different types of bodysuit colors. And tadam, one of the bodysuit color was teal! Add some gold hints with Chuculet bracers. I picked Maitreya shoes in black as i thought it was already colorful enough. The bag is an old purchase from Barerose at The Deck mall.

Emma LFauna Upper

Emma LFauna Full

To celebrate the launch of the new Lola Skin, L.Fauna is having a photo contest. You can find more details at the mainstore. Fifty Linden Friday’s skins are eligible for the contest, by the way, so don’t hesitate and give it a try! Here’s my entry for the contest.

Emma LFauna

Skin: L.Fauna {Lola . Dark 1} [Fresh-FR] Bodysuit by W&B
Shape: ** Dunes ** Emma Shape (not released yet)
Eyes: :: Exodi :: Tetra Eyes – Naturals (Willow)(Sm/V)
Hair: >TRUTH< Aradhana – cocoa
Necklace: -=UZURI=- Bahati Necklace
Earrings: -=UZURI=- Noble Creoles
Bangles: [chuculet] carolina bangles – brown
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Allure Black
Bag: ::: B@R ::: Crescent Black
Poses: *Reel Expression*

Bye bye,