Lazy but Stubborn


for today, a few blabla, a little rant and one of my favorite outfits of the moment.

Heather Red take 2

I am working on this post for 2 days. Not because the outfit was hard to get together, not at all, it was actualy easy. First came the jacket with the gilet from Kungler. I was still wearing the Surf Co. tank top from last post which was the right match so i didn’t look further. I am kind of lazy, I have to admit that. I didn’t feel like looking for a new brown skirt so I’ve searched in the depth of my inventory for that Miel Skirt. Then, I wanted to visit !Lamb to see the new hairstyles. Red hair with red jacket is not so great so i went for light brown for a change. While I was there, I’ve received a notecard from Courtisane to tell us about new releases. A quick teleport and some demo’s convinced me these were the boots i needed.

Heather Red take 2 Full

Now the rant. 2 days… After the styling part, I’ve been searching SL for the perfect location. It took me the whole evening and when i’ve finaly found what i wanted, it was way too late and I had to go to bed. Today, pretty happy as I only had to take the pictures and to write the post, i’ve started to try to capture some snapshots… After 3 hours of crashes, some inventory losses (new hair from !Lamb and a necklace from kungler) I was able to take 1 picture, only one, in my studio (Any non studio location is just out of question). It is the one you can see below. As I am more stubborn than lazy, I went on trying. I was not happy with that picture, i don’t like the lighting that much, it is a bit too yellow for me but you seem to like it on flickr. Suddenly and without doing any change to my settings, I was finaly able to take some more pictures, these are the ones you can see at the top of the post. Personnaly, i prefer a whiter lighting but feel free to tell me which one you prefer and why.

I am stubborn so I haven’t dropped taking pictures with shadows yet… but i don’t have that much free time that i can waste 4 hours a day trying to take pictures. I’ll have to decide whether to go on or not.

Heather Red

Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Morgan_Honey – Unicef (the skin was a special release for Project Donate. I am not sure any other make-up for the Morgan skin is available at Atomic, I haven’t seen any. Sorry)
Shape: ** Dunes ** Heather Shape
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Jacket: (Kunglers Extra) Soraia – Sangre
Tank top: [SC] Surf Couture Surf Couture – Hermana Tank – Brown
Skirt: MIEL CALI CORDS – sculpted skirt w/ belt – bark
Bag: [ATOMIC] Crush Bag – Red (Hold AO)
Boots: .*Courtisane*. Esprit De Sable RED
Poses: Diesel Works
Background texture: .:: inSight Designs Textures ::.

Bye bye,

Busy Saturday


Project Donate, Hair Fair and Designers United all opening on the same day! One of these events on its own would already be enough to keep a SLfashionista busy for one week but 3 at the same time…. can you keep up with it? Having visited the 3 events, I can tell they are all more than worth braving the lag.

Busy Saturday 2

I asked myself which one i would have to choose if I had not enough time to visit all of them. According to which criteria is most important to you, here is the one to pick.

1. Project Donate for Unicef – at least 50% of each sale is going towards charity
2. Hair Fair for Wigs for kids – some vendors are donating. Though charity is a part of the event, it is not the main goal
3. Designers United – no charity at all (that i know of. Correct me if i am wrong)

1. Designers United: exclusive very original items which won’t be available anymore once the event is down. Wonderful for pictures, not always easy to wear, even in SL. The theme is Narcissus. Expect to see a lot of yellow and white and … mirrors. It covers all fields of fashion, from skin to hair, clothes to poses.
2. Hair Fair: 4 sims full of hair for all tastes but probably available later at the mainstore. Great occasion to discover new designer you don’t know. Only Hair.
3. Project Donate: Wonderful fashion items to get there, some exclusive, others not. A mix of famous designers and new ones with general high quality products. Much more casual than Designers United, it also covers all the fields of fashion. One sim to get a complete new look.

Busy Saturday

A list with SLurls to all the participants for the Hair Fair is available here

Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Morgan_Honey – Unicef FRECK at Project Donate
Shape: ** Dunes ** Claire Shape for Project Donate,
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Eyelashes: :: Exodi :: Eyelashes
Hair: !lamb. Glass Candy – Honeycomb at Hair Fair
Top: *FakE* UNICEF Exclusive-Flood Top at Project Donate
Shorts: *Fishy Strawberry* Billy Denim Shorts – Garage (not at one of the events)
Eye tatoo: JM:Mai Skin_DU narcissus tattoo at Designer United 4
Earrings: Donna Flora DREAM earrings+HUD at Project Donate
Shoes: Zaara : Ilaida Mojri *red* (not at one ofthe events)
Poses: dfo! pick me. choose me. love me. (DU4 Exclusive) at Designer United 4

Now, i am going to check Project Themeory and The Dressing room… the life of a blogger is hard… or not.

Bye bye,

Mimikri Chic


looking for some chic outfit to go to that business lunch in town? Then, head to Mimikri Couture: chic with a touch a daring sexyness, you will strike people around you by your sheer elegance.

Claire Mimikri Closer

Claire Mimikri

Skin: [[ATOMIC] Skin Morgan_Honey – Stumble
Shape: ** Dunes ** Claire Shape (to be released)
Hair: Exile Bianca/dark brass at The Dressing Room Blue>
Hair base:
Tiny Bird – Hair Bases for SL 2.0 Light Browns Pack Hair base
Eyes:L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Blue 2] small pupil
Lashes: Tiny Bird – Thick Lashes
Jacket: * Mimikri – Luisa Jacket seadust
Skirt: * Mimikri – Capucine Skirt seadust
Top: ** Dunes ** Simple Tank Top Grey Blue
Necklace: Whippet & Buck [W&B] Love is a Deserter Necklace
Earrings: :: Exodi :: Pearl Essentials – Simple Pearl Drop
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Aequus Blue
Poses: Olive Juice– Fall Frills (skirt-friendly)

Bye bye,

Outer Spaced


Outer Spaced is this week’s theme for Project Theomeory and it brought us some very nice deals, including this Tee*fy dress and Dernier which hair which are my favorite of the event. The skin is an exclusive make-up of a soon to be released new line by Ivy Graves from Atomic: Morgan. If you haven’t had a look at Atomic skins yet, don’t hesitate anymore and go for it, they are not to be missed. With Audry and now Morgan, Atomic is on my list of shops to check for new cute faces.

Claire in Space Portrait

Claire in Space

Skin: [[ATOMIC] Skin Morgan_Honey – Stumble FRECK
Shape: ** Dunes ** Claire Shape (to be released)
Hair: (Dernier Cri) Zero Gravity w/ Bangs – Black Shades (tainted gry with the Hud)
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1] small pupil
Dress: Tee*fy Modern Spacesuit
Leggings: MichaMi Pia Leggings in Silver
Gloves: [LeeZu!] LBD Nif Nif gloves /white
Boots: SLink Mieke Riding Boots White
Earrings: [[MANDALA] Milky Way Earring/Black cat
Poses: Glitterati

Bye bye,

Visit to Kowloon

Jolene Kowloon Full

Jolene Kowloon Portrait

Skin: [[ATOMIC] Skin Audri_Caramel – Stumble 2
Shape: ** Dunes ** Jolene Shape Medium
Hair: >TRUTH< Seraphina Streaked – caramel
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Teal 1] small pupil
Dress: ::HH:: Hucci Tanya Denim Dress – Dark Wash
Leggings: LG Concept – Pop leggings yellow for The Dressing Room
Shoes: Baiastice_Damasamba-black at Shoe Fair (modified)
Earrings and Left bangles: [alaMood] [AB] Mirage – Noir
Right Bangles: Zaara ZC : Indra painted stacked bangles *gold* R
Poses: Glitterati


She could have been a nice girl, she could have been sweet and wise, she could have had a boring life… but… she met Clyde Barrow.

Jolene Bonnie

Jolene Bonnie Portrait

The skin is only available for a limited time at Atomic for Stumblebum Brigade, hairstyle is last FLF Clawtooth offer and the necklace is available at The Dressing Room. I am not sure the shoes can still be purchased. I got them at a special event some months ago. The shirt was taking dust in my inventory for something like 2 years. It only comes on the jacket layer so this look was only possible thanks to the great new feature from 2.1 SL Viewer which allows you to add up to 5 other clothings on the same layer.

This week’s theme for Project Themeory is Vaudeville and the stool and paravent are What Next special offer for the event.

Skin: [[ATOMIC] Skin Audri_Caramel – Stumble 2 FRECK
Shape: ** Dunes ** Jolene Shape (coming soon)
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Hair: Clawtooth: Roaring 20’s – Black beauty
Corset: So Many Styles {SMS} Corset Vintage Beige
Shirt: Skin Flicks Georgette Shirt
Skirt: AOHARU_LaceRuffleSkirt_White
Shoes: DU<3-ANEXX_VaudevillianShoes/Black (probably not be available anymore as it was for a special event some months ago)
Necklace: So Many Styles {SMS} Pearl Lily Necklace Blue for TDR 10 ❤
Pose: {what next} Vintage Dressing Screen & Stool

Beautiful & Bored

This is exactly how I feel about SL lately. But that is fine, RL is calling and soon, I’ll rant about the fact i don’t have enough time for SL. Don’t worry if you see me less active in the coming weeks, i haven’t given up at all. It is only that I have less time to make shapes, build looks and take pictures.

Alice Beautiful &amp; Bored

I am wearing a preview of the soon to be released Tuli Audrey Skin. If you’re a member of the TULI Update Group, you can get a preview as a gift in 2 tones at the mainstore. It offers us a soft and delicate face. I particularly like the lips and the lighting on it, they remind me of a soft rose petal. The shadings of the nose lets the shape appear pretty good. With some skins, you need dramatic differences in the shape to see changes in the avatar, as the shadows of the skin are covering a bit too much. Here, Tuli’s Audrey has soft shadows which are not masking the shape completely.

Alice Tuli Audrey Portrait

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Audrey (tone 2/co/fr) :: VIP group exclusive
Shape: ** Dunes ** Alice Shape
Hair: [LeLutka]- -AMANDA 3 hair – BlondeFun
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Teal 1]
Top: Emery at The Dressing Room Blue>
[ATOMIC] Bleached_Jeans – Black
Necklace: Whippet & Buck [W&B] Love is a Deserter Necklace – Gacha at Shoe Fair
Cuffs: Ha! Leather Cuffs *black* at The Dressing Room Blue>
*COCO* _WideBelt_Black
Poses: *Reel Expression*
Background Texture: *BOOM* – Project Themeory – Beachy Nautical Textures!

Bye bye,

Platinum Hunt

Bored with hunts where you end up deleting 99 items on 100 due to the poor quality of the gifts? Then, the Platinum Hunt is for you!

Cherry Platinum

Cherry Platinum Portrait

For once, you will have to pay 10 L$ to get the items but believe me, you won’t regret it as most are fantastic. I’ve quickly put up a look together to tease you with what you will be able to get at the Platinum Hunt. This does not mean i am showing you only the best items cause there are plenty of others and for everyone’s tastes.
The hunt will start on August 8th and ends on August 31st.
Please note that all the items I am wearing are from the hunt except for the eyes you can get at the Exodi hunt and Maitreya Shoes which are nor free nor cheap.

Skin: ~Mynerva~ Platinum Drow Red Lips Black Eyeband
Shape: ** Dunes ** Sophia V2 Shape
Eyes: :: Exodi :: Zbilja Spirit (Sepia)(Sm)(V) (Gacha Hunt)
Hair: Exile Samara/pearl
Jacket: [ATOMIC] Ritzy Blazers
Top: [[[ SWANSONG ]]] – Essence Gown Top (Platinum) (part of gown)
Skirt: Fume’ – White rosy Lace (art of dress)
Jewels: .:A&M:. Messed Memory Wire Set
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Allure Black
Ankle Cuffs: *Linc* Ruffled Cuffs White
Chair: MudHoney Andrew Chair

Bye bye,

Not So Original


I know, you’ve seen everything on this picture in plenty of other blogs. I know, NotSoBad riads have been pictured everywhere. I know… BUT sorry, that is what quality does. No matter how many times you will see some items, they deserved to be seen, shown, blogged about, again and again. I don’t blog to be orginal, I do it to show the shapes I create, having fun dressing them with things I like and taking pictures. I just hope you’ll like them too.

Now, a tip for this Maitreya’s top. At first, it didn’t work good with the shape i was wearing, which was petite with a short torso and wide hips. That is a problem with sculpty prims that you cannot always mod or resize them to fit your shape, either it was too large at the top of the prim, either too small at the bottom. I’ve tried the taller version of the shape, as I didn’t want to make smaller hips, which has a longer torso and voilà, it was all it needed to fit perfectly.

Alice NotSoBad

Alice NotSoBad 2

Skin: *League* Taylor Medium -Natural- Frex-Cleavage
Shape: ** Dunes ** Alice Shape
Hair: =TEKUTEKU= Spring(black)
Eyes: [LeLutka]- -Reflections-Glory-Eyes
Top: Maitreya – Bastille Top * Cool Mint
Pants: [ATOMIC] Bleached_Jeans – Gritty
Corsage: [SC] Surf Couture – Canvas Garden Top Shoulder Flowers (part of Canvas Garden Top)
Bangles: [chuculet] carolina bangles – brown (mini hunt at the store – very easy to find)
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Esprit Champagne
Poses: Glitterati

Bye bye,

70’s Diet


sometimes weird things may be associated in your mind because of a special memory. I remember my brother and I sitting at the dinner table, looking with a disgusted face at what my mother had served us. She was on a diet at that time and had decided who would eat the same… At the same moment, there was an episode of Starsky and Hutch on TV in which a girl was jogging with a mini short. Since that day, Starsky and Hutch equals diet food for me.

My late 70’s girl look is made of several special releases from The Dressing Room Blue which has a new collection, Stumblebum Brigade or Project Themeory.

Alice 70's 2

Alice 70 s Portrait

Skin: *League* Taylor Medium -BlackIce- Frex-Cleavage
Shape: ** Dunes ** Alice Shape (not yet released)
Hair: >TRUTH< Farrah – Copper
Eyes: [LeLutka]- -Reflections-Glory-Eyes
Body: *Urbanity* Call on Me *turquoise* at The Dressing Room Blue
Shorts: *BOOM* POW shorts (Red) for Stumblebum Brigade
Shoes: [ATOMIC] Circus Fun for Project Themeory

Bye bye,