Who Cares ?

Milana New Hair Jayna

I am pretty depressed when I am looking at the above picture. At the beginning, I only wanted to make a quick picture of a new hair release from Milana. This Jayna style is cute yet sexy at the same time. So, to show my Plurk time line, I have taken a quick shot, gone to Photoshop, cropped, dodged and burned in tenty seconds top, hit auto tone, auto contrast, resized it down to a 1024×1280 and posted it on Flickr and Plurk.

Five minutes later, I had comments saying it is gorgeous, blabla. Yeah, thanks,… I like it too. So why am I depressed? It took me two minutes to make that picture! Lately, I have been wasting a lot of time trying to improve my pictures by postprocessing them. You just have no idea how much I can clean a picture before doing anything. Then, I am playing with dodge and burn, curves (I am actualy abusing of curves) and in the end, I am never happy with the result. For sure, I am adding some dimension to the picture and it is shiny but I am loosing so much more details. The skins are awful, way too bright, too pale. I try and I try and I try to no avail.

Today, at work, I have done something I usualy avoid as I do not like to mix lives :I have watched my blog. Now, ok, the screen at my work is probably of pretty bad quality but are all my pictures looking that red for a lot of people? It is ugly. Not what I see when I am at home, but still. I do not want anyone to see that.

There are a lot of bad things in this picture. Tiny jagged edges I should have smudged, contour I should have liquified, black lines I should have blent. But who cares? Noone seems to see that.

If you want to take that kind of picture, here are my super secrets:
1. Windlight: I have used the same basic windlight setting I always do. You can download it here. Modify it for the face to be in the shadows instead of in the light.
2. Take huge size PNG snapshots you save on your computer. Original was 4000*6000 pixels. Yes, I can make you crash. I am using Firestorm viewer. I actualy think it takes crappy shots with splotches of green and pink light everywhere but at least I don’t crash.
3. Crop the pic to frame it better.
4. Quick dodge and burn on a overlayed 50% grey layer
5. Hit auto tone, auto contrast

But yeah… the hair style is cool!


Skin: –Belleza– Ava Med Red 0
Eyes: IKON Ardent Eyes – Parchment (S)
Hair: (Milana) Jayna – Dark Blondes
Jacket: (TokiD) Haru Jacket_Large (black)



black and brown

Today’s pictures are full of sloppiness, so much I am almost ashamed. But only almost and that is the main problem about them.

I am not ashamed about the style. It is the kind of clothes and accessories I really enjoy to wear in Second Life, and even in real life actualy, with a cozy coat from Mon Tissu and lovely strapped short boots from Baiastice. The gloves from Celoe are mesh stuff, they are awesome, but mesh stuff, but awesome. The hair style by Truth is by far one of my favorites among all the numerous releases from that store for months. So you might wonder what is wrong.

black and brown 2

What is wrong is the quality of the pictures. They are full of bad things because I am seriously loosing patience with all the troubles we have to endure to take quality pictures. So I am going sloppy and have decided to not clean them as much as I used to. It just takes too much time, removes all the fun. And too much time after a lot of other problems.

Sometimes I sound like I hate the new mesh thing. Well, I don’t. I like pretty things. BUT I seriously hate all the troubles it has brought to what I like to be busy with in Second Life. I know some people have zero problem. That is fine for them, but that is not my case. I am supposed to have a good computer, not a shabby one, and it just does not work correctly. To have Second Life to work properly, it just takes me too much effort to be disappointed in the end. And anyway, I don’t think I have to loose so much time trying to find a viewer developped by third parties which will work with my videocard, nor do I have to endure all the crashes because you have to manually clear the cash in hidden folders if you want to be able to simply move. I don’t have to turn into a technical geek to be able to take pictures in Second Life.

This is not about refusing to evolve. I strongly believe a game, a virtual world has to evolve for it to perdure. But I also strongly believe this can only be succesful if it is done seriously. Sloppy, that is the adjective I am using to qualify Linden Labs work.

To finish on a more positive note, I am deeply thankful to the Second Life Community, mainly the people who are on Plurk (oops, another third applications which has nothing to do with Second Life originally) because they are by far the best troubleshooting team I know.

Skin: –Belleza– Chloe Med 3
Eyes: [LeLutka]-Ellis-Marina/M
Eyelashes: [LeLutka]-Photoshoot II Lashes
Hair: >TRUTH< Clara w/Roots – copper
Tank: The Secret Store Ribbon Tank – Black
Coat: {mon tissu} Fur Trimmed Coat
Skirt: [LeLutka]-TRIUMPH skirt/true
Gloves: [celoe.mery.gloves.nutmeg
Tights: –tb– tights polkadots black
Necklace: *League* 3Vintage Necklaces
Earrings: Paper Couture P.C; Tulle Wrapped Earring
Boots: Baiastice_ Jyo Boots-burnt brown-Boot & socks
Poses: (pda)

See you,

Ok… What’s new?



Lately, I have seen several complaints from people that designers they liked were not making mesh stuff yet. The important words to remember in the last sentence are “designers” and “not yet”. Probably most people have missed the following fact, or they don’t care about it, but most of the good mesh clothes we are having at our disposal are made from the same full permissions templates, designed by Damien Fate who is offering us high quality products, setting a high standard from the start for other mesh creators. Some people who are using those templates are adding value to the product, offering us a nice texturing work, adding their touch. Others are just assembling a mesh and a random texture. They don’t care if the final result is ugly, people are taken in the mesh crazyness and will buy it anyway, ugly or not, added value or not. Of course, there is nothing new about this: what was occuring with sculpties is occuring with meshes. Unfortunately, that is not new that many people have forgotten about being objectively critical.


To illustrate my writings, I have chosen a funky dress from The Secret Store which is still available for one more week at the Dressing Room. I have picked this one for two reasons. First, it does not need to be mesh stuff to be awesome. Maylee Oh is spoiling us with something you can call real designing work, her creations are unique. You will not find the same sculpted prims on other people’s clothes. Second, Maylee is a perfectionnist. She is very able to create mesh, she has already started, but she wants it to be very good, designed by herself, before she releases something, like she has always been doing with any of her creations. I believe a lot of designers are busy lately discovering the new possibilites, and very soon they will release awesome new creations. Others are happy to share with us their first creations as group gifts. When you are trying those gifts, please always remember they are work in progress, that the designers are getting their hands at this new toy and that they, at least, have the courage to learn and try something new.

Now, it is up to you to see which are your quality standards. I am happy with some clothes made from full permissions templates if they have added value. I am even happier with unique original creations and if I have to be patient to get that, I am glad to wait. I am much less happy about people who have forgotten (nerver had?) their objective critical mind and dare bitching about brands which do not have mesh yet. But yeah… that is not new.

In Laq Thea Skin

To end this post on a positive note, here is the new LAQ Thea skin. On my shape it looks a bit more mature than their last faces so I am a happy customer with a pretty new skin.


Skin: LAQ ~ Thea – [Fair] – 05
Eyebrows: LAQ ~ [Fair] Alva Blonde
Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Lagoon (M)
Hair: tram A811 hair / cork
Dress: The Secret Store – Patchwork Dress – Ocean Five
Tights: – Nemesis – Criminal tights red
Jewels: je suis…nocturne
Nails: je suis…naive crocodile red
Shoes: [LeLutka]-REN/Blue (Mesh)
Poses: (pda)

Bye bye,

What’s New Copycat?

No, I don’t believe my title is orginal, I actualy think it has been used before.

Plum 3

I am bored, bored with what I see on the feeds lately. Everywhere the same, everywhere the same new hair, everywhere the same new clothes, everywhere the same new accessories.

I am bored with so-called designers. Everywhere the same textures, everywhere the same sculpties. Everywhere the same RL inspirations. Hey look, the latest Lady Gaga excentricity! … declined in 10 SL versions.. how original!

I am bored with bloggers. Everywhere the same designers featured, everywhere the same reviews of new offered review copies, everywhere the same SL shadows and pictures, everywhere the same lack of content. I have to say some of my favorite bloggers have left and sadly, they were not replaced. The last one being Fayne Khandr who is on a indefinite blogging hiatus. I am not close to Fayne, i’ve spoken once or twice with her and she seemed to be a nice person but really, I miss her blog. She was one of the few I was looking forward for new articles as she was actualy offering us something to read, combined with a great sense of style and pictures telling a story. I don’t know why she has stopped, I am not close enough to bug her, I respect her choice, but yeah, I miss her blog posts.

I am bored with SL fashion. Doh wait… Am I different?

Plum 2

NOPE! I am not different! I do exactly the same! I only need to have a look at today’s style to know I am not different! It actualy started with me being sick, staying home, calling doctor and going to the pharmacy to get my medicines, 2 weeks ago. There, the owner of the drugstore was not wearing her white blouse like usual but she was actualy wearing a light grey woolen tunique with violet tights, black boots and belt and violet under-sweater. I was like “wow” she looks good with that. Then I’ve been thinking about what I could use in Second Life to create the same look. So, no, I am not original…

Yesterday, as I was looking for hair to finish the look, I’ve found that Truth Raquel style in my inventory. I actualy had never used it as it is very special and I had seen some other people doing a great job with it. One of those people being Leah McCullough. I remembered having seen a great picture of her wearing the same style. I mean no offense to others having used this style but Leah’s job is the one that had struck me at that time. Leah was kind enough to let me use her picture for my blog. See how pretty she is and how good the picture is.

LDD II Sep 10, 2007

But back to the point, when I saw that style, i immediately thought “yes! that is the one i need!” Not because it looks great, not because it works good with the style, but because someone else did a great job featuring it already!

and here is my version of it.

Sometimes, I won’t blog an outfit because I am pretty sure everyone will blog it and I don’t think I am good enough to do better, Sometimes I still blog it, because it is that or nothing at all. I wished I could have the choice to blog something else but then, I am looking at the new creations, everywhere the same, and unfortunately, I have to say very few things will make me want to buy them these last days, not even the bloggers featuring them, including me… and that is boring.

Skin: [PXL] Kasumi SK RoseLips
Eyes make-up: [PXL] Kasumi SK Smoke Eyes
Shape: ** Dunes ** Heather Shape
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Hair: >TRUTH< Raquel – auburn
Dress: AOHARU_CablesKnitDress_White
Sweater: So Many Styles {SMS} Winter Sweater Plum
Tights: Maitreya Allure Tights – Violet
Necklace: So Many Styles {SMS} Pearl Lily Necklace Black
Boots: *COCO*_EngineerBoots(Black)
Poses: Reel Expression *Luth*

Bye bye,

Looking for a new land


Today, i was banned from the sim where i had my mainshop for telling the estate owner his sim was running on a server version which had troubles. 5 times a day, i am loosing items in my inventory, usualy items in the folders where i’m wearing items. Imagine how frustrating it is, when working on a look, to loose folders of hair, skins, etc. I’ve been loosing shapes also, which is the way I earn some money to sustain this blog.

5 times a day, i have to move to a sim running a different server, clear cash, log out, log back in that sim, change items there, teleport back home. 5 times a day since last week update. So, today, when i saw my landowner online, i’ve IMed him to tell him about the problem, asking him if he could see with LL if it was possible to change the server version as RC Magnum was known to have issues. For more info, see here.

You see, that guy has a store too. So i told him customers might have problems, kinda warning him. His reaction was to treat me like a fool who doesn’t have a clue about what she’s talking about. I really didn’t appreciate his way to treat me and told him. He went on saying i was the only one complaining, that i was no sim expert etc. His reaction to me saying “bye, this conversation ends here” was to ban me from his sims and to return all my items.

Seriously, what for a fool is that guy? It is not like i am telling him about something noone has heard about. It is not like I am the only one experiencing troubles with that server version lately. What’s wrong with the fact of asking if he can see if Linden Labs can do something about it as it is causing troubles to my main activity?

Now, thanks to that guy, i have to change all my landmarks, I have to look for another land, i have to build a new shop, i have to warn all my customers about the move. This will make me loose a lot of money. And what for? For a clueless guy who doesn’t accept to be told his sim is running on a server version which has known issues!

I have created shapes for that guy, we have a shared profit. I have asked him to stop that and send me also those items back. Of course, he hasn’t. I am giving him one more day than i am going to see if i can DMCA him cause for sure, I don’t want him to use anything i’ve created anymore.

There are a lot of shops on his sims, some famous brands have moved there lately. When you have a shop, do you really want to stay with a landowner who won’t help at all, will steal from you, won’t care at all about issues customers might have and will ban you for simply asking if he can do something about it? I don’t think so. Think twice before you buy land to that guy.

Bye bye,


Lazy but Stubborn


for today, a few blabla, a little rant and one of my favorite outfits of the moment.

Heather Red take 2

I am working on this post for 2 days. Not because the outfit was hard to get together, not at all, it was actualy easy. First came the jacket with the gilet from Kungler. I was still wearing the Surf Co. tank top from last post which was the right match so i didn’t look further. I am kind of lazy, I have to admit that. I didn’t feel like looking for a new brown skirt so I’ve searched in the depth of my inventory for that Miel Skirt. Then, I wanted to visit !Lamb to see the new hairstyles. Red hair with red jacket is not so great so i went for light brown for a change. While I was there, I’ve received a notecard from Courtisane to tell us about new releases. A quick teleport and some demo’s convinced me these were the boots i needed.

Heather Red take 2 Full

Now the rant. 2 days… After the styling part, I’ve been searching SL for the perfect location. It took me the whole evening and when i’ve finaly found what i wanted, it was way too late and I had to go to bed. Today, pretty happy as I only had to take the pictures and to write the post, i’ve started to try to capture some snapshots… After 3 hours of crashes, some inventory losses (new hair from !Lamb and a necklace from kungler) I was able to take 1 picture, only one, in my studio (Any non studio location is just out of question). It is the one you can see below. As I am more stubborn than lazy, I went on trying. I was not happy with that picture, i don’t like the lighting that much, it is a bit too yellow for me but you seem to like it on flickr. Suddenly and without doing any change to my settings, I was finaly able to take some more pictures, these are the ones you can see at the top of the post. Personnaly, i prefer a whiter lighting but feel free to tell me which one you prefer and why.

I am stubborn so I haven’t dropped taking pictures with shadows yet… but i don’t have that much free time that i can waste 4 hours a day trying to take pictures. I’ll have to decide whether to go on or not.

Heather Red

Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Morgan_Honey – Unicef (the skin was a special release for Project Donate. I am not sure any other make-up for the Morgan skin is available at Atomic, I haven’t seen any. Sorry)
Shape: ** Dunes ** Heather Shape
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Jacket: (Kunglers Extra) Soraia – Sangre
Tank top: [SC] Surf Couture Surf Couture – Hermana Tank – Brown
Skirt: MIEL CALI CORDS – sculpted skirt w/ belt – bark
Bag: [ATOMIC] Crush Bag – Red (Hold AO)
Boots: .*Courtisane*. Esprit De Sable RED
Poses: Diesel Works
Background texture: .:: inSight Designs Textures ::.

Bye bye,



This is the only picture I was able to take tonight between 2 crashes, trying to enable shadows and my neighbour hacking into my secured wifi network again, sucking so much bandwith I am unable to do anything interesting on the internet, so much even the TV is having problems. I had to move the tower and screen downstairs again to connect via cable, disable the wifi to eject him, change the password for the third time this week, reactivate the wifi, move back the computer upstairs.

I am no computer specialist, ok, I admit that but still, this network is supposed to be secured with a password. It is now 3h30 I’ve ejected him and he is not back yet. If I ever find who hides behind PC-Compaq, he is going to regret it.

Second problem: I am supposed to have a brand new computer, with great graphic card, processor etc and I am just unable to push my settings in SL without crashing. Yesterday it was somewhat working. Today, i’ve been able to take one picture, only one, lowering the settings again, loosing quality again, even without shadows enabled.

I am pissed tonight.

Skin: LAQ ~ Nellie 01 [Nougat] Glow skin
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Hair: >TRUTH< Rei – auburn
Lingerie: Zaara : Sumana Lingerie set *ebony*


Tanaquil playing with shadows 3

Sometimes, you think something will help you a lot, make your work so much easier and when it actualy is there, you open wide eyes with horror, realizing you were so wrong and that actualy, it is not helping at all but maybe even making it more difficult.

Tanaquil playing with shadows 2

That is what SL shadows are for me at the moment. While the atmosphere of the pictures is better, i have to sacrifice quality to enable shadows. So far, i haven’t been able to have them with anti-aliasing on, which gives horrible jagged edges. I had to blur all the lines and edges to make them smoother. And anisotropic filtering is just a big NO if i don’t want my screen to turn all black.

If you have a closer look, you’ll also notice the shadows are pixelated, you can see rows of squares becoming lighter.

Tanaquil 20101016 portrait

It looks good, if you don’t pay attention to details or are looking at it from far away. I guess i need to train and get my hand at it and play with the settings to have better shadows but so far, i am a bit disapointed.

On the contrary and let’s now talk about fashion, i am not disapointed at all by this week’s Project Themeory: Fall Festivale. The clutch and skirt are from Milk Motion while the adorable Happy Find’s owl pendant is simply a must have!

The other day, i’ve read on Grazia Horwitz blog that Janie Marlowe from Mischief was back on the track with a new store: JANE. I’ve found at her shop some very cute pieces of clothing. Here, you can admire the aviator jacket which unfortunately hides a bit an awesome lace babydoll. It is definately a place you want to check for reasonable priced clothing.

Skin: LAQ ~ Nellie 01 [Nougat] Glow skin
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Hair: [ 69 ] SMINB – Mauve –
Jacket: JANE – aviator jacket.khaki
Babydoll: JANE – warm embrace babydoll.navy
Skirt: (Milk Motion) My short skirt
Leggings: Tee*fy blossom Sunny
Earrings: (Yummy) Floral Dangle
Necklace: ::Happy Finds:: Vintage Owl Necklace
Clutch: (Milk Motion) My clutch bag (gold)
Boots: ::Kookie :: Armarda Long / Rusty Brown
Poses: Diesel Works

Bye bye,

Let’s keep SL Lives Separated


I’ll diverge a bit from the mirror theme to speak about SL/RL layers, and more… lot of people are hiding behind their screen, we all have very pretty avatars. Designer United theme, Narcissus, is such a metaphore for SL in its whole. Second Life, the place where we are all so beautiful and like to contemplate ourselves, but please, forget about what/who is behind the screen. Who cares about hurting an avatar?

Behind the mirror 2

Most of the time, people get trouble in Second Life as it takes too much on their Real Life. Yesterday evening, thanks to some jerk, i’ve discovered a new layer to this: no RL (ok, i am fine with that), no SL (hmmm I am only busy in SL at the moment), but ok for another game? What kind of people can tell you that he likes you a lot, he wants you to leave everything you’re up to in SL and go play with him that other game “but our lives in SL remains like what we have now: separated… the point is i have a SL gf, i have fun with her, etc”. In his kindness, after i told him he is an asshole, he said i was allowed to IM him from time to time in SL, of course… Worst in this is that guy doesn’t even understand why i am not interested and told him he could forget about me as a friend. Right after that, i felt like looking at my back to see if a tail had grown in the meantime. hmm no, no tail, i am not yet a pet you can whistle when you need some company and leave alone when you have better to do.

Behind the mirror

Behind the mirror Portrait

Skin: [PXL] LT EX PassionLips MEB
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Eyelashes: :: Exodi :: Eyelashes
Hair: Exile Bronwyn/ember at The Dressing Room Blue
Dress: tram Narcissus dress 02 at Designer United 4
Bracelets: LaGyo for DU4_Jonquille sprouts bracelets at Designer United 4
Leg Tatoo: LaGyo for DU4_Daffodil tattoo stockings long at Designer United 4
Shoes: AOHARU_WALK_EnamelBuckleGladiator_Gold
Poses and Mirror: ~Scribble~ 1is2 Mirror/Light Wood at Designer United 4
Flowers: [ Organica ] Field of Flowers – White Daisies – flat – ratioed

Bye bye,