Coffee First


DCNY Terry Hoodie

In the morning, this is totally me before I have any coffee. Trying to talk to me is at your own risk. Then I am having my first cup of coffee and the black clouds are slowly moving away. But only very slowly.

DCNY Terry Hoodie 3

The new DCNY Terry Hoodie is the kind of outfit I could wear in the morning during holidays. I know you are supposed to make some sport while wearing this kind of clothes but… let met drink my coffee first. ok? Then, maybe… some sport… I need another cup *big yawns*

DCNY Terry Hoodie 2


Eyes: [PXL] SOUL Eyes – Mystics (S)
Hair: ::Exile:: Caitrin:Roots-Sunset
Outfit: DCNY Terry Hoodie Set_Sky
Shoes: Reek – Patteson Flip Flops – Orange
Table and Chairs: LISP – Amelie Kitchen Table
Dresser: Awesome Blossom :: AB :: Garden Dresser
Flowers: **InteriorAddiction** Blooming Planter (pink)

Bye bye,

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