One Year of Blogging Appraisal


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It has been one year on the 18th May that I have published my first fashion post on Dunes. If you are up to it, you can check it here . Of course, my photography skills have evolved since then but I am still happy when I take a look at my first pictures, even 200 posts later. I had started the blog to feature the shapes I am designing for my store, ** Dunes ** but it rapidly turned out the other way and the blog activity has taken over. I am now mainly using my own shape and only sometimes a new released one.While I am having fun playing the cameleon, I am under the impression people like to be able to identify the avatar, the style.

My review policies reflect my style: I am keeping this blog for my own fun, I am very glad if other people like it too but I want to keep my freedom of choice and opinion above all. I am buying most of the items I am wearing. I hate to ask anything and don’t remember having ever done it when I know a lot of bloggers are just sending notecards with their requests. I definitely am not doing it to get free stuff, my wallet can tell. I thank gratefulely each person who has kindly offered me their creations because they liked what I am doing.

It has been one year full of learnings. Of course, I have acquired new photography skills, photoshop knowledge, styling tips etc. but I have also sometimes learned the hard way it is not good to have a brain and that only some people are entitled to voice their opinions without consequences. It is also sad to see that as little a blogger as I am, some people will try to become your “friend” or even to seduce you only to have you blog their items. Well this is for sure the best way to have me NOT blog your creations. I have thought several times about going the only pictures and credits way but giving up is not something I am good at so here I am, saying what has bothered me the most about blogging and networking along this year. And anyone who knows me knows I cannot shut up anyway. In the last month, I have dared two times say my opinion about something, which resulted in an automatic raise of the views of the blog. It is just too bad I am not interested in the drama’s, it seems like one way to go to please the crowds.

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I am terrible at networking and often won’t comment on other people’s blog or flickr though I like them. I have been told that I seemed cold and somewhat impressive so people don’t dare come talk to me. This is pretty fun because this is exactly the way I feel about others. I always think “why bother them, they have better to do than loose their time with me”. So I often stay alone in my corner. I only bug some friends… too bad for them as I bug them a lot.

Thanks to the blog and despite me being shy and lacking of confidence, I have also met some wonderful people I can now call friends. Probably I would never have met them otherwise. The first one being Maylee Oh who is such a positive busy bee, I can truly say I love her, I admire her of course for her work, but also for bearing with me when I am going all paranoid and negative. She is one of the rare people I trust because I know that even if we disagree about something, it is ok to say what you really think and still respect each other’s point of view. The second person is Hart Larsson. I feel honored that he trusts me enough to sometimes ask for my advices but that we can also laugh about a lot of things. I don’t have to mind what I am saying and he endures my constant teasing. Finaly, I would like to say a few words about Dick Wiesel. We may not talk very often but I thank him for his support and somewhat comfort at times when I was thinking about giving up because my real life work was not letting me the time I wanted to do things as good as I would like to.

A new blogging year begins now. I thank everyone who has been reading my 200 posts over this year and I hope to keep on learning and meeting fantastic people.


Lipstick: [PXL] GAIA SK Copper Lips (Tattoo)
Eyes Makeup: [PXL] GAIA SK Sunset Eyes (Tattoo)
Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Silver&Green 3 (S) (Exclusive release for RFL, not available anymore)
Hair: [LeLutka]-SJ hair – AuburnHaze
Jacket: The Secret Store – Eglantine – Floral
Top: *League* Spring Frill Neck Camisole -Cream
Skirt: MichaMi: Suede Skirt in Brown
Belt: {mon tissu} Seneca Threaded Leather Belt ~ Saddle
Necklace: Donna Flora ARIANNA necklace gold
Ring: Donna Flora BICE ring
Bag: ::: B@R ::: Blanca Brown
Shoes: Donna Flora DANA tan shoe at Shoe Fair

Bye bye,