Pixel Mode Closing


Pixel Mode Fae

Bad news have struck the Fashion community today as Tya Fallingbridge has announced she was closing her store Pixel Mode, for some time, as soon as the Shoe Fair was over. Let’s hope it is only temporary. We are loosing once more someone who has brought a lot to Second Life throughout the years because of too much pressure and being hurt.

I won’t discuss here who is right or wrong. I have seen several comments about this case, many people have different opinions about it for different reasons. Probably noone really knows. We love to all hate the same person after all. But once again, things have gone too far. It is sad to see drama counts more than quality and fashion.

I was planning on blogging the new Fae wedges already before learning the news as they are high quality. The sculpts and shadows are great, I also love the texture of the feet with details like wrinkles at the back of the ankle. I have no problem with the HUD as there are preset skins close enough to the skins I have to suit me when I want something fast. I have to say I am not so picky with sculpted feets tones because it might look good with some windlight settings and completely wrong with others. I have also noticed my perception of the tone changes from one computer to the other. I might be very happy with it on the laptop and not at all with the tower which has a more powerful graphic card. So while I could loose time to get a perfect match (in this case, 2 minutes with the notecard provided including the values for several skins) I often choose to be lazy and have it roughly correct but good enough. Unless the skin and the feet are made using the same texture, I hardly see how it would be possible anyway. In other words… HUD’s are much ado about nothing in my opinion.


Shape: ** Dunes ** Custom Made
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard .ID. Spring Eyes – Just Before Sunset
Hair: [LeLutka]-INVERTED hair – AuburnHaze
Top: AOHARU_OffShoulderGauzeTunic_Black
Shorts: (Kunglers) Jordyn – Blue at Culture Shock
Necklace: NHA! Necklace Miror
Earrings: NHA! Earring Milan
Shoes: Pixel Mode [PM] Fae Wedge [A] – Black at Shoe Fair
Pose: Long Awkward Pose

Bye bye,

2 thoughts on “Pixel Mode Closing

  1. So very sorry to hear this news. I stay out of both networking and drama and depend on the feeds for my news. Thank you for posting. I too love the sandals and had no problems with the hud. Actually I didn’t do a thing. They were perfect for me out of the box. Not only will I miss Pixel Mode, I will miss the lovely sim if it too exits.

    We live our virtual lives in much the same way we live or corporeal ones. Sometimes it is just too much and time to walk away.

    I suggest everyone runs down to get these shoes while they can :D.

    • I have seen people were already following your advice yesterday, it was one of the most packed store at the shoe fair.

      I agree sometimes it is good to take a break, I had to take several myself as SL is one of the tougher environment I know, not always so relaxing as it is meant to be… and hope Tya fallingbridge will come back later with more strength.

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