The Nose Knows Challenge


Nose Knows Challenge Before

Jori Watler challenged us to show ourselves with a larger nose than the usual too thin to be true one. So I gave it a try and took some before / after pictures.

To be honest, I don’t think my avatar has such a thin nose as I am often avoiding skins clearly made for people with tiny noses. It becomes rapidly too big on my shape as skin, for sure, matters a lot.

Nose Knows Challenge After

As I have enlarged the bridge, I had to make the mouth a bit wider too or it was looking a bit weird. So the next challenge might be about realistic mouth with thinner and broader lips. The picture doesn’t show it but I have made it longer too. Have you ever noticed many people have such flat faces that their profile look like the nose was cut?

While I wouldn’t wear the bigger size nose shape everyday, I tend to like it, it actualy adds temper to the face and I think she looks rather cute.


Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Egyptian Blue (S)
Eyelashes: Exodi
Hair: >TRUTH< Bea – almond

Bye bye,


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