Digits of the Day


Digits of the Day 2

Like most people in the past days, I am sharing some digits about my avatar shapes, answering Strawberry Singh ‘s question.

I tweak my shape almost everyday, change some sliders to fit better an outfit or just because I wonder if it wouldn’t be better this or that way, but always trying to keep the same feeling about the avatar. I am constantly changing so it might very well be that if I shared those digits in one week, they would be pretty different. That is why I am sharing my digits of the day.

With everyone sharing some parameters of their shapes, it is fun to see how different avatars can be and yet all still beautiful. It is also interesting to see that some people will use some sliders in very different ways. I like my avatar to be a bit curvy, so i’ve chosen to use a height below 50 but not too much so I am adding body thickness and body fat. I have been trying to reduce the thickness to 0 but I didn’t like it, I had the feeling the avatar was flat. When playing with the thickness, one of the problems are the shoulders. You quickly can look like you’ve been practicing body building at high dosis. I guess most people will think my avatar has too large shoulders but I like it that way. When I am trying for smaller shoulders, I feel like it is looking like a chicken with a big bottom and a small top.

All in all, I like my shape as it allows me to wear a lot of different clothing from various brands without having to edit too much. A simple resize will often suffice, well maybe not gowns but I am almost never wearing any. I liked Berry’s idea. I am glad to see so many people played the game.


Skin: Tuli [:T:] Sara / petal :: 01 + freckles
Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Egyptian Blue (S)
Hair: [LeLutka]-RAIN hair – SummerTime
Top: .:LeeL:. Khoma – Lavendel 1
Shorts: *League* Frayed Denim Shorts -Cool Dark Blue (pl)

Bye bye,


2 thoughts on “Digits of the Day

  1. I think you have one of the most beautiful shapes on the grid and with your style and creative photography, your blog is one of my favs! Thank you for taking the time to share Tanaquil. ❤

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