Casual brown


Casual Brown

I’ve stolen a man sweater from Sleepy Eddy today to create a casual outfit with some accessories to make it a bit more feminine like a scarf and a necklace. I like a lot the fake belt attached to the sweater which adds realism to it.

Casual Brown Portrait

In my ever looking for the perfect eyes search, I have stumbled upon a shop at the Fantasy Fair. Ibanez has the great idea to offer demos for their eyes. Eyes are probably the item on which I have spent the more money without being pleased with my purchase. Franckly, it very seldomly really looks like the ad, the size is not often right, it lacks details, they are way too bright, you think it is gonna be green but it is more blueish etc. I know my shape has small eyes compared to SL standards but not everyone wants to have cow eyes, sorry. At least, this time, I was pleased with them. They are a bit too big for my taste but you can modify the texture on the prim eyes so with a bit of basic SL building knowledge, you can make it the size you like.


Skin: [PXL] Linda G3 SK NudeLips MEB
Eyelashes: :: Exodi :: Makeups – Eyelashes – Glamour
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes – SmoothGlow – Eau
Hair: >TRUTH< Kaelyn – almond
Sweater: [Sleepy Eddy] Long Knit Cutsaw /Brown/
Pants: *Linc* Low Rise Jeans Brown Stripes
Scarf: *Fishy Strawberry* Scarf Model 2 Woods A
Watch: MIEL TROUPE WATCH – natural
Bag: *LpD* – *The chic Snake* Bag Brown (on shoulder)
Poses: Glitterati

Bye bye,