Looking for a new land


Today, i was banned from the sim where i had my mainshop for telling the estate owner his sim was running on a server version which had troubles. 5 times a day, i am loosing items in my inventory, usualy items in the folders where i’m wearing items. Imagine how frustrating it is, when working on a look, to loose folders of hair, skins, etc. I’ve been loosing shapes also, which is the way I earn some money to sustain this blog.

5 times a day, i have to move to a sim running a different server, clear cash, log out, log back in that sim, change items there, teleport back home. 5 times a day since last week update. So, today, when i saw my landowner online, i’ve IMed him to tell him about the problem, asking him if he could see with LL if it was possible to change the server version as RC Magnum was known to have issues. For more info, see here.

You see, that guy has a store too. So i told him customers might have problems, kinda warning him. His reaction was to treat me like a fool who doesn’t have a clue about what she’s talking about. I really didn’t appreciate his way to treat me and told him. He went on saying i was the only one complaining, that i was no sim expert etc. His reaction to me saying “bye, this conversation ends here” was to ban me from his sims and to return all my items.

Seriously, what for a fool is that guy? It is not like i am telling him about something noone has heard about. It is not like I am the only one experiencing troubles with that server version lately. What’s wrong with the fact of asking if he can see if Linden Labs can do something about it as it is causing troubles to my main activity?

Now, thanks to that guy, i have to change all my landmarks, I have to look for another land, i have to build a new shop, i have to warn all my customers about the move. This will make me loose a lot of money. And what for? For a clueless guy who doesn’t accept to be told his sim is running on a server version which has known issues!

I have created shapes for that guy, we have a shared profit. I have asked him to stop that and send me also those items back. Of course, he hasn’t. I am giving him one more day than i am going to see if i can DMCA him cause for sure, I don’t want him to use anything i’ve created anymore.

There are a lot of shops on his sims, some famous brands have moved there lately. When you have a shop, do you really want to stay with a landowner who won’t help at all, will steal from you, won’t care at all about issues customers might have and will ban you for simply asking if he can do something about it? I don’t think so. Think twice before you buy land to that guy.

Bye bye,