New Exodi Sylvan Skin


Exodi Sylvan vivante

For once, i wanted to play the real fashion blogger, to write a skin review, to take snapshots of all the tones of the beautiful new :: Exodi :: skin, Sylvan, without post-processing them. We can have a sneak preview at FLF and if you don’t run immediately to Exodi to get that skin, you’re missing a huge deal, by the way. Sylvan has beautiful lips and the skin has that transluscent quality that allows to keep tiny quality details while still being lighten up.

BUT… SL decided otherwise. I am too tired to fight with SL tonight so, here is one picture of the skin only, the vivante tone, and it is post-processed, but not that much that it changes dramatically the skin. The treatment consists in: cropping, soothing some hard edges due to shadows, liquifying edges due to SL, upping the curves to lighten the picture which was a bit too dark.

Skin: :: Exodi :: Sylvan Vivante – Beloved – Dk
Shape: ** Dunes ** Sabrina Shape
Eyes: :: Exodi :: Tetra Eyes – Naturals (Ocean)(Sm/V)
Eyelashes: :: Exodi ::
Hair: >TRUTH< Nina Streaked – copper

Bye bye,


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