Kleenex Customer

This will be a mean post.

1 Eleven

Mean in the way that probably you won’t be able to get most of the items you see me wearing! Or actualy, it is probable that you were faster than i was and got them before me. Yes, i am talking about the One Eleven event here. Only 111 items available, exclusive items which won’t be sold later. Exclusivity is nice, kind of… as the prices are exclusive too.

1 Eleven 2

I’ve been thinking a lot before purchasing some of the items i liked the most. You could call me a Kleenex Customer. I buy something, wear it once or twice and buy something new. I don’t throw them away after use but just let them take dust in my inventory. So, buying a Elikatira hairstyle for 2000 L$ or Surf Co shoes for 3750 L$, as exclusive as they can be, is not really so attractive to me. That was my wise resolution of the day. But…

1 Eleven_Elikatira

The shopaholic I am just couldn’t resist… my resolution was as strong as a boring evening. I am bad, i know.

1 Eleven_002

You can also see other exclusive items in this post. The top was a 50 L$ offer from Fishy Strawberry for Black Friday at Euphoria, it was removed from sale 5 minutes after I was lucky enough to get it. The jacket is the Taste of SL offer from Indi Designs. If you are quick enough, it should be available until the end of the week-end. And I admit I totaly stole it from Gabby McCullough from SLex and the City.

Now, I am once again looking at my L$ amount, I sigh deeply, shrug and feel bad, for 2 minutes …

Skin: [PXL] Kasumi SK CherryLips
Shape: ** Dunes ** Jade Shape (coming soon)
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Hair: [e] Season – Black 03 at one elven 

Jacket: INDI Designs – Leather Jacket black (female) (TOSL)
Top: *Fishy Strawberry* Spaghetti Strap Top Red at Euphoria
Pants: Willow~ Coal Jeans
Boots: [SC] Surf Co. – (M/F) Paperboy Ankle Boots w/ Socks at one elven
Necklace: ~SIGMA~Jewels/ Opus necklace (charcoal)
Bag: -tb – Ruffle Polka Dot Purse (black) at The Dressing Room
Background: [croire] paisley doodle decal
Poses: Diesel Works

Bye bye,

What’s New Copycat?

No, I don’t believe my title is orginal, I actualy think it has been used before.

Plum 3

I am bored, bored with what I see on the feeds lately. Everywhere the same, everywhere the same new hair, everywhere the same new clothes, everywhere the same new accessories.

I am bored with so-called designers. Everywhere the same textures, everywhere the same sculpties. Everywhere the same RL inspirations. Hey look, the latest Lady Gaga excentricity! … declined in 10 SL versions.. how original!

I am bored with bloggers. Everywhere the same designers featured, everywhere the same reviews of new offered review copies, everywhere the same SL shadows and pictures, everywhere the same lack of content. I have to say some of my favorite bloggers have left and sadly, they were not replaced. The last one being Fayne Khandr who is on a indefinite blogging hiatus. I am not close to Fayne, i’ve spoken once or twice with her and she seemed to be a nice person but really, I miss her blog. She was one of the few I was looking forward for new articles as she was actualy offering us something to read, combined with a great sense of style and pictures telling a story. I don’t know why she has stopped, I am not close enough to bug her, I respect her choice, but yeah, I miss her blog posts.

I am bored with SL fashion. Doh wait… Am I different?

Plum 2

NOPE! I am not different! I do exactly the same! I only need to have a look at today’s style to know I am not different! It actualy started with me being sick, staying home, calling doctor and going to the pharmacy to get my medicines, 2 weeks ago. There, the owner of the drugstore was not wearing her white blouse like usual but she was actualy wearing a light grey woolen tunique with violet tights, black boots and belt and violet under-sweater. I was like “wow” she looks good with that. Then I’ve been thinking about what I could use in Second Life to create the same look. So, no, I am not original…

Yesterday, as I was looking for hair to finish the look, I’ve found that Truth Raquel style in my inventory. I actualy had never used it as it is very special and I had seen some other people doing a great job with it. One of those people being Leah McCullough. I remembered having seen a great picture of her wearing the same style. I mean no offense to others having used this style but Leah’s job is the one that had struck me at that time. Leah was kind enough to let me use her picture for my blog. See how pretty she is and how good the picture is.

LDD II Sep 10, 2007

But back to the point, when I saw that style, i immediately thought “yes! that is the one i need!” Not because it looks great, not because it works good with the style, but because someone else did a great job featuring it already!

and here is my version of it.

Sometimes, I won’t blog an outfit because I am pretty sure everyone will blog it and I don’t think I am good enough to do better, Sometimes I still blog it, because it is that or nothing at all. I wished I could have the choice to blog something else but then, I am looking at the new creations, everywhere the same, and unfortunately, I have to say very few things will make me want to buy them these last days, not even the bloggers featuring them, including me… and that is boring.

Skin: [PXL] Kasumi SK RoseLips
Eyes make-up: [PXL] Kasumi SK Smoke Eyes
Shape: ** Dunes ** Heather Shape
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Hair: >TRUTH< Raquel – auburn
Dress: AOHARU_CablesKnitDress_White
Sweater: So Many Styles {SMS} Winter Sweater Plum
Tights: Maitreya Allure Tights – Violet
Necklace: So Many Styles {SMS} Pearl Lily Necklace Black
Boots: *COCO*_EngineerBoots(Black)
Poses: Reel Expression *Luth*

Bye bye,

Golf de Lune

Golf de Lune 2

Golf de Lune

Golf de Lune 3

Skin: [PXL] Kasumi SK RoseLips
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Hair: [Elikatira] [e] Blind 2 – Red 05
Coat: [LeLutka]-MATUSALEN jacket UNISEX/brownie
Shirt: [LeLutka]-INFANTERIA shirt/steel
Pants: [LeLutka]-IBAGUE pants/brownie
Scarf: MIEL LIA SCARF – plaid
Necklace: ::Happy Finds:: Vintage Owl Necklace
Boots: [mm] Envy Boots brown
Poses: Adorkable
Location: Golf de Lune

Cindy Shape for 1 L$

The second special release shape is there! And you can get the cute Cindy from ** Dunes ** for only 1 L$ from today until next week. After that, she will be sold at the normal price.

Dunes Cindy Shape

Dunes Cindy Portrait

Next week, the third shape will be released for 1 L$ to celebrate the opening of the Kuu Ipo store location. So visit ** Dunes ** to get the incredible Cindy as it is a 1 week offer only!

Skin: Unique Megastore Kristten_08_by_Nany_Merlin
Eyes: Unique Megastore Kristten_eyes_by_Nany_Merlin
Hair: !lamb. Honey – Butterfinger
Lingerie: {Luxuria} Belinda – black
Poses: *”*Perfection is Style*”*

Bye bye,

Piz + Name abuse


Heather Mimikri Piz close-up

What a hot release this week at Mimikri, Piz will turn heads! Very short shorts letting see how long and perfect your legs are, a sexy cleavage, add some golden accessories like the new earrings from N’Soul and you’re perfect for clubbing!

Heather Mimikri Piz

Not related to the pictures above:
As you probably know, Linden Lab has introduced a big change in the creation of Second Life accounts as it now requires only one name. This has lead to a massive creation of alts to reserve names, aswell for individuals as for brand names. Once again, Linden Lab has opened Pandora’s box and has offered new ways to ill-minded wicked people to harm the ones they don’t like or even to scam known brands by creating a username before they could get it. Worse, the new created avatar appears in top of the search feature. Imagine you’re looking for shop ABCDXYZ which is famous for its sexy clothes, but what you found in the search is avatar ABCDXYZ created by a concurrent and which will misguide you. Or people trying to resell their brand names to designers. If you want more details about some of the trouble this has brought, please read the following articles:
SL Username Changes on Grid Expectations
What’s my name on Shopping Cart Disco
And what for all this? Probably for a marketing campaign so Linden Lab can artificially inflate their user numbers to better sell the company to Microsoft. Showing once more how little they care about actual Second Life Residents.
We cannot do much about it but at least, we can ask to minimize the harm done to people and brands by voting for this Jira Against Avatar Name Mis-usage which basicly asks that the new avatars at least don’t appear on top of the search. Please vote!

Skin: [PXL] Kasumi SK CherryLips
Eyes make-up: [PXL] Kasumi SK Lines Eyes
Shape: ** Dunes ** Heather Shape
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Hair: Sixty Nine [ 69 ] MIMI 01 – Light Mocha
Sweater: * Mimikri – Piz Sweater arsenic
Shorts: * Mimikri – Piz Shorts arsenic
Earrings: [N’soul] Leaves Earring – Gold
Boots: ANEXX_FringeWesternBoots_Camel
Poses: Glitterati

Bye bye,

Olive and mauve


Leezu Maria Close UP

I’ve been wearing this outfit for quite some days now but hadn’t got time to blog it properly.

Leezu Maria Full

I’ve chosen the new Leezu Maria Jacket in olive for its wonderful textures and a combination of colors we don’t see that often. One of the problem when you go with original colors is you cannot always mix and match it easily with other things. Fortunately, Leezu has also the new Leezu tights and the mauve ones answer to the light pink of the jacket. The Courtisane new boots in dark brown were obvious as it is about the same color as the cuffs. Finaly, I can thank my good memory as I remembered that dress from Hucci might have the right color and the great bonus is it has a belt with the right brown.

Leezu Maria

To accessorize, I’ve used new releases from Je Suis, the Aviateur Sunglasses, exclusively available at Le Look, the Creoles Earrings also from Je Suis, and only available at the Rodeo Drive location (both will be available at Je Suis main location next month) and one of the new ponytails attachment from Amacci.

Skin: [PXL] Kasumi SK RoseLips
Eyes make-up: [PXL] Kasumi SK Lines Eyes
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Hair: Amacci Hair Tina ~ Mocha + Hair base mocha
Jacket: [LeeZu!] Maria Jacket /olive
Dress: ::HH:: Hucci Ivana Dress – Gold Brown
Tights: [LeeZu!]
Maria Tights /mauve
Earrings: ::je::suis::une princesse::creoles at Rodeo Drive
Sunglasses: ::je::suis::sunglasses::aviateur at Le LookBoots: .*Courtisane*. Esprit De Sable DARKBROWN
Poses: *”*Perfection is Style*”*

Bye bye,

Asia and Marion

PXL Kasumi Miamai Rozoregalia

Kasumi Miamai Rozoregalia

Tana Kasumi Portrait

Skin: [PXL] Kasumi SK RoseLips
Eyes make-up: [PXL] Kasumi SK Smoke Eyes
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Hair: [Elikatira] [e] Blind 2 – Brown 04
Dress: Miamai_Melody Brown
Jewels: .+*AA*+. pearl lariat *black
and .+*AA*+.long pearl necklace II *pink
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather
Furnitures: Morantique/Marzana Designer room
Tulips: [ Organica ] Tulips – RFL Exclusive Pink

And this one is for the fun. If she reminds you of someone, that is the intent! As I was working on an idea, I had that déjà-vu feeling so I’ve decided to play the game and here is my version of Marion Cotillard in Inception. I might investigate ths idea a bit more in the coming days as the new Truth Hair totally reminds me of her.

Marion Inception

Skin: [PXL] Kasumi SK RoseLips
Eyes make-up: [PXL] Kasumi SK Lines Eyes
Hair: >TRUTH< Kitty Streaked – cocoa
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Blue 2]
Dress: ~Ivalde~Daina black dress
Gun: *BREACH* USP 1.5.1