This is the only picture I was able to take tonight between 2 crashes, trying to enable shadows and my neighbour hacking into my secured wifi network again, sucking so much bandwith I am unable to do anything interesting on the internet, so much even the TV is having problems. I had to move the tower and screen downstairs again to connect via cable, disable the wifi to eject him, change the password for the third time this week, reactivate the wifi, move back the computer upstairs.

I am no computer specialist, ok, I admit that but still, this network is supposed to be secured with a password. It is now 3h30 I’ve ejected him and he is not back yet. If I ever find who hides behind PC-Compaq, he is going to regret it.

Second problem: I am supposed to have a brand new computer, with great graphic card, processor etc and I am just unable to push my settings in SL without crashing. Yesterday it was somewhat working. Today, i’ve been able to take one picture, only one, lowering the settings again, loosing quality again, even without shadows enabled.

I am pissed tonight.

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