And Here Comes Heather


I’ve realesed a new shape today, Heather.

Heather Shape Marketplace

You could already admire her in the past 2 posts from the blog. Heather is a sophisticated young sweet woman. Her elegant body allows her to wear a lot of different styles and to always look good. She has a round face with wide eyes, pulpous lips and a thin nose.

Heather Shape Portrait Marketplace

As always, the shape is mod, copy, no trans so you can change it to your best preferences.

For 899 L$, you will receive:
– Petite Shape + System Skirt Version
– Medium Shape + System Skirt Version
– Tall Shape + System Skirt Version
– Runway Shape + System Skirt Version
– Bald Base
– Style Card

You can find the shape at the ** Dunes ** Mainstore or on the Marketplace.

Free demos are of course available and i cannot insist enough on always trying a demo before you purchase any No Trans item.

Skin: LAQ ~ Claudia2 – 01 [Peach] Glow skin
Shape: ** Dunes ** Heather Shape (coming soon)
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Greyi 1]
Hair: >TRUTH< Tamina – auburn
Dress: [Plastik]
Boots: *COCO* _Over-the-kneeBoots_(Brown)
Jewels: Balderdash– Twig – Autumn
Poses: Glitterati

Bye bye,



very few words today but I have to warn you about the outfit you’ll see below. It requires quite some editing and a viewer that allows you to add multiple attachments or layers at the same point.

Heather 30102010

For this look, I’ve used some new releases from Lelutka, the blouse and the cardigan, and the new Baiastice skirt from The Dressing Room blue. I am also wearing one of the awesome new realeases from Truth: each time we think he cannot do better, he prooves us wrong. Truth Haws’ hairstyles are just amazing.

Heather 30102010 3-4

Heather 30102010 Portrait

Skin: LAQ ~ Claudia2 – 01 [Peach] Glow skin
Shape: ** Dunes ** Heather Shape (coming soon)
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Greyi 1]
Hair: >TRUTH< Tamina – auburn (edited to fit under the hat)
Cardigan: [LeLutka]-OTONO cardigan/charcoal
Shirt: [LeLutka]-IRMA shirt/tan
Skirt: Baiastice_Pleated cotton skirt-grey at The dressing Room BlueHat: [LeLutka]-DORA hat/black
Tights: LaLun Tights SEMI SHEER (Underpants Layer) /black by [LeeZu!]
Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Lucille Boots – Black
Poses: Adorkable

Bye bye,

Softly Urban


Soft Urban 2

a quick post as I’ve struggled for hours to be able to take some pictures. (note to self: remember to turn off the anti-virus to take pictures with shadows)

Soft Urban

Tonight’s outfit is simple yet pretty sexy. It all started with those new Truth Hair, Liv. Then i wanted some urban style for a change and went to visit Ducknipple for the T-Shirt. The shorts are my favorite from Fishy Strawberry. I’ve accessorized with new releases from Blitzed: great look but awfully laggy; to be able to teleport, remove the belt and the cuffs, put them back on once you’re at your desired destination.

Finaly, the boots are Surf Co. Fifty Linden Friday offer. You can get them only today for 50 L$ but they will be available later at 250 L$; which is still a very reasonable price for quality boots.

Skin: LAQ ~ Nellie 03 [Nougat] Glow skin
Shape: ** Dunes ** Heather Shape (not yet released)
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Hair: >TRUTH< Liv – auburn
T-shirt: .:Ducknipple:. Bish – Blue
Shorts: *Fishy Strawberry* Billy Denim Shorts – Garage
Belt: *BLITZED* Legacy belt – Brown
Cuffs: *BLITZED* Legacy Cuffs – brown
Boots: [SC] Surf Couture Olea Boots
Poses: Glitterati

Bye bye,

The Secret Store

The Secret Store

The other day, Maylee Oh had the great idea to add me as a contact on flickr. I am used to first have a look at other’s people picture before I add them aswell. While doing that, i’ve discovered Maylee had a shop: The Secret Store. There was that advertisement for some bags i found so cute and I decided to teleport to have a look. Once in the shop, i’ve discovered accessories and clothes, ranging from kawaii style to stylish. What I’ve seen there is designed with quality at a reasonable price. I’ve picked some items to create this look and I’ll definately go back in some time to check what’s new.

The Secret Store 2

At the same time, I’ve seen Adorkable had new poses, with one set made for bags. After a short trip to the Deck, I was quickly convinced these were the poses I needed as they are cute, give the feeling they are not static but that the avatar is in move while not deforming too much the body.

I am also wearing the new LAQ Claudia skin in Peach. This is not really my style but I am sure she has the features a lot of girls are looking for: pulpous lips, thin nose and wide eyes in a mediterranean style face. She actualy reminds me of Sophia Loren, a great, beautiful italian actress who is very stylish.

Skin: LAQ ~ Claudia2 – 02 [Peach] Glow skin
Shape: ** Dunes ** Megan Shape
Freckles: L.Fauna Dimples Freckles [Pale]
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Hair: [Elikatira] [e] Away – Red 08
Hair Base: Tiny Bird Copper Reds Pack Hair Base
Blouse: Whippet & Buck [W&B] Claven Lace Blouse NOIR
Bustier: The Secret Store – Sweet StrawberryPants: The Secret Store – High Waist Pants : Charcoal
Scarf: The Secret Store – Black Blossom Scarf
Bag: The Secret Store – Handbag – Strawberry Jam
Earrings: (Caroline’s Jewelry) Gold Leaf Earring
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Allure Black
Poses: Adorkable

Bye bye,

Something Missing


No Arms

I love that new LeLutka poncho, I love the design, I love the texture, I love it, really … but… I can’t get accustomed to having the arms hidden inside. When I look at my avatar I feel like something is missing. I guess, this is photo stock. Great piece of clothing to take pictures but I unfortunately won’t wear it on other occasion. Too bad, i really like it apart from that “detail”.

Best in Blonde

Don’t tell me you haven’t heard about it, I won’t believe you! Elikapeka Tiramisu has opened a new hair store! Yeah!!! My first favorite hair designer is back. for those of you who haven’t had the chance to know ETD, it was simply the best hair shop in SL for a very long time. Of course, now, we have plenty of great hair designers who have stepped in, all the best for our heads but back in those days, ETD used to be my favorite store as it had natural realistic textures and volumes. I’ve got that new hairstyle in several colors and while it looks great in any color, blonde is simply THE color for that style. Like Sassy Scarborough said on Plurk, it is just too much like Sharon Stone.

On this picture, you can also admire the new lipstick make-up by Launa Fauna. It works great with different skins i’ve been trying. I am so glad Launa did those make-up as I like the lips on her skins so much, and the reds are just the perfect addition to many make-ups as you often have only one make-up with red lips in fatpacks. Lately, I almost always wear eyes from L.Fauna. They have everything I am looking for: great details, right size of the iris, the pupil is nor too big nor too small, shadows and reflections, they are just the best to me at the moment.

Skin: LAQ ~ Nellie 04 [Nougat] Glow skin
Lipstick: L.Fauna Lipstick [Red 3]
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Hair: [Elikatira] [e] Escape – Blonde 07
Hair Base: Tiny Bird Dark Blondes Pack Hair base
Poncho: [LeLutka]- REA poncho/polar
Pants: [LeLutka]- FALLEN pants/coffee
Boots: [LeLutka]- Illeid Boots-Coffee
Socks: Maitreya Allure Socks – Neutral01
Poses: Kyoot

Bye bye,

The Looking Glass


At the Looking glass

Today’s attempt at taking snapshots brought me to The Looking Glass. I told myself that if I had to crash, I might aswell do it in a good looking place. Designed by Markus Inkpen, the same creator as the famous No Sound sim, and Sharni Azalee, that fabulous sim welcomes you to discover fantasy places going from church ruins to old stables or even wonderland.

The Looking Glass

I’ve chosen to take the pictures in the village. Among all the wonders you will see there, what caught my attention was that parrot. Maybe the fact it is called Muad’Dib has something to do with it… (Muad’Dib being the Fremen name of Paul Atreides in Dune from Frank Herbert. It is my favorite book and one of the reasons why my blog is named like that, though the official excuse i’ve found was dunes was reminding of the curves of a feminine body).

Just to tell you a few more words about my snapshots adventures lately. Today, i’ve been able to take 10 pictures! Yeah! BUT… for some unknow reason, i’ve crashed at the 11th. Since then, though I was using Kirsten’s Viewer for the pics, I am unable to log back in SL with Snowstorm which crashes immediately. Go figure…

Skin: LAQ ~ Nellie 03 [Nougat] Glow skin
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Hair: [Shag] – La Petite Mort – dark copper
Jumpsuit: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – S.Suit :: CHARLIE’S ANGEL :: Green
Pullover: [LeeZu!] LBD Loui Pullover right hand /beige
Belt: :. WoE .: Nomi Leather Belt (Blood)
Scarf: [LeeZu!] Miss Mara Scarf /ethno mauve
Tights: *Fishy Strawberry* Woolen Tights – Brown Stripes at The Dressing Room
Boots: *COCO*_EngineerBoots(Black)
Poses: Glitterati

Bye bye,

FLF again

Alice FLF

I’ve only picked only two items at this round of the Fifty Linden Friday this week but they are high quality and totally a bargain for 50 L$. The first one is a sexy outfit from 5th & Oxford made of a tweed mini-skirt and a short sweater.

The second item is the Halloween themed necklace from Miel. It is so original with the central spider reaching for a tiny butterfly entangled in the cords which form the collar. I totally love the idea!

Alice FLF Portrait

Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Morgan_Honey – Unicef
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Blue 2]
Hair: =TEKUTEKU= Spring(black)
Sweater and Skirt: (5th&Oxford) 50L Tweedy Outfit
Tights: *Linc* Half Fishnet Stockings Black normal
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather
Poses: !BANG

Bye bye,



This is the only picture I was able to take tonight between 2 crashes, trying to enable shadows and my neighbour hacking into my secured wifi network again, sucking so much bandwith I am unable to do anything interesting on the internet, so much even the TV is having problems. I had to move the tower and screen downstairs again to connect via cable, disable the wifi to eject him, change the password for the third time this week, reactivate the wifi, move back the computer upstairs.

I am no computer specialist, ok, I admit that but still, this network is supposed to be secured with a password. It is now 3h30 I’ve ejected him and he is not back yet. If I ever find who hides behind PC-Compaq, he is going to regret it.

Second problem: I am supposed to have a brand new computer, with great graphic card, processor etc and I am just unable to push my settings in SL without crashing. Yesterday it was somewhat working. Today, i’ve been able to take one picture, only one, lowering the settings again, loosing quality again, even without shadows enabled.

I am pissed tonight.

Skin: LAQ ~ Nellie 01 [Nougat] Glow skin
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gemini 1]
Hair: >TRUTH< Rei – auburn
Lingerie: Zaara : Sumana Lingerie set *ebony*

Skull Creek Murderers

I’ve found the perfect spot for tonight: Skull Creek.
Skull Creek
I’ve heard someone had been murdered in that redneck slumb. Some local celebrity, a man named Dick Wiesel, designer of WoE. Or so claims his girlfriend, Ryker Beck.
Skull Creek 2
As if i cared about a human life. I haven’t killed him, he was found dead before my nomadic ways brought me to the place. I guess, some reward might be offered to the one who finds the murderer. That is enough to know for me. Wannabe detectites have invaded the city, looking for clues. There are so many. Noone will notice if one or twice are missing. I am sitting a bit away from the crowd, still enjoying the rusty and salty taste left in my mouth; the corpse of my last food laying in the house behind me. So far, the humans haven’t noticed me yet. I guess, they are too busy. The reward must be good. I still have some hours before dawn and the smell of that girl who is walking on the road in front of me is just too tempting…
Skull Creek Portrait

Skin: :: Exodi :: Isolde – VAMP – Fed (Dk) Reward from Skull Creek Event
Eyes: :: Exodi :: Zbilja v2.0 – Deep (Cherrywood)(Sm/V)
Eyelashes: :: Exodi :: Eyelashes
Hair: Analog Dog AD – harper brunette
Dress and Belt: :. WoE .: Nomi Jean Dress/Belt Reward from Skull Creek Event
Pants: :. WoE .:Flair Jeans (Charcoal) Reward from Skull Creek Event
Jewels: :: Exodi :: Nyla HALLOWEEN Set Reward from Skull Creek Event
Shoes: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops (Boxed)

The Return of the System Skirt


I don’t know if you have noticed it but lately, system skirt is in high fashion again. The last 3 years, only very few designers were able to use that layer smartly. It was often employed as a base for prims with gowns, hidden. Of course, it is not an easy layer. It has lots of flows, you have to edit your shape and make it unrealisticaly slender (read without curves) if you don’t want to look like you’ve taken 20kg in 5 seconds. Another problem is the texture between the legs. Animations which are separating the legs too much are to avoid as they stretch the texture too much. It is also showing a kind of hole around the waist as there is no direct link with the other layers. BUT, if you put all that aside and can get a good shape made for system skirts, they are oh so sexy! Here, i am wearing one of those sublime system skirts, by LeLutka. They have made up for some of the problems by using a prim belt above the top of the skirt.

I wanted to create a military chic look with the new jacket from Dela. A system skirt was simply an obvious addition to it.

Aviator 2

Skin: LAQ ~ Nellie 08 [Nougat] Glow skin
Shape: ** Dunes ** Emma Shape
Hair: >TRUTH< Aradhana – treacle
Jacket: =DeLa*= Flight Jacket “Brook” Khaki
Shirt: INDI – Cardigan grey (jacket) (part of set)
Skirt: [LeLutka]-NAOMI skirt/olivia
Jewels: ::je::suis::sophistique dark::Set
Sunglasses: ::je::suis:::LaMode Collection::aviateur (should be released soon)
Tights: *blowpop* Seamed Fishnet Tights -Black
Shoes: [Gos] Posh Bootie – Obsidian
Poses: Diesel Works

Bye bye,