This week’s bloggers challenge by Alysha Rennahan, as a logical following to last week’s challenge “Oldies but goodies”, is about fashion stores which are “Gone, but not forgotten“. It adds a bit of sadness as the creators have left SL for different reasons, some as awful as death, others because they got hurt in a way or another or, more cheerfully, because they moved on to their real life.

Not Forgotten

Whatever the reason for their departure, they are not forgotten, we can still enjoy their wonderful creations and wear them. On the contrary, some other creations are gone and we only have pictures left. Emvee Cuba is one of those sims i regret the most, with its wonderful Cuba inspired build. I remember having admired its church for hours. Fortunately, i’ve taken some snapshots before it has closed. Photoshop magic allows us to revive it for a short time.

Like many others, i’ve been chosing a dress from Last Call. I cannot say better than Rylan Carling about it: “Last Call is part of our history”. Even now, few stores are matching such quality of textures and elegance of the outfits. Such quality deserves to be shown. To my opinion, an entire blogger’s challenge could be focused on Last Call and you would still see a lot of variety in the posts.

Not Forgotten Portrait

The Hair is from Miriel, who was famous for her eyes but I hadn’t eyes from her with an appropriate color for this skin from Free Spirit. I haven’t heard about that store in a while and cannot find it anymore, doing a rapid search in world. It looks like it is gone too. The shoes are a very old group gift from Aphrodite Creations. And the jewels… such nice jewels, created by Caliah Lyon for Muse. I still use them on my blog posts from time to time as they got that sweet elegance, adding a soft touch to an outfit without drawing too much attention on them.

While this challenge walks hand in hand with nostalgy, let us thank all those great creators who are now gone and rejoice for all the wonderful they have offered us for years.

Bye bye,