today is saterday, which means yesterday was friday… day of the special bargains groups in SL, sometimes disapointing in quality and you end up having done the tour of shops without buying anything, cause there is a limit to the number of socks and panties a girl needs in her closet. I almost had given up on those groups to tell the truth. But yesterday was not the case. Maybe the “war” between those special groups is a good thing for cutomers after all. Let’s see in the following weeks…

The top from So Many Styles seems to be a simplified upper version of their new dress. I like particularly like the texture on the sculpts which feels so light.

Emma Cuba 2

Emma Cuba

Skin: -=UZURI=- Ramla – Nude – Natural (Hair)
Shape: ** Dunes ** Emma Shape (coming soon)
Hair: >TRUTH< Chalice – espresso
Eyes: :: Exodi ::Zbilja v2.0 – Deep (Cherrywood)(Sm/V)
Top: So Many Styles {SMS} Antique Top Plum fro 50L Friday
Skirt: [LeeZu!] O`LaLa
Necklace: [[MANDALA] KAGETORA necklace/pale white/ shadow/chest for Rocking Friday
Shoes: (Shiny Things) Jane Wedges – White
Poses: Torridwear

Bye bye,

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