Relationships in SL


I am a bit late on the following blogger challenge: “How hard do you think it is to find a relationship in SL? If you have an SL relationship, have you met in the physical world? Would you meet them? Do you think it would change your SL relationship if you met?” but I felt like writing a bit about it. So far, i cannot say it turned out right for me. I haven’t really looked forward to relationships but it just happened. Maybe I am too naive but i tend to believe that when people say “I like/love you”, they mean it. At least, I wouldn’t say anything like that if i don’t mean it.

So what’s wrong with men in SL? One of my theory is that, as there is 1 RL man for 5 to 10 RL women, they just have way too many choices. Why would they care about hurting your feelings as they will easily find someone else? SL makes it so easy to cheat, to lie, people just don’t bother anymore to play fair. Add to this people feel so much safer behind their computer they forget about you are someone too behind your laptop.

I am tired of the seduction game people keep playing all the time. You want to be my friend? Great, let’s be friend. Don’t try to seduce me, especially if you already have a partner, thank you. You want more? Well, maybe, if you have no partner, it is up to you, but i need honesty and no cheating. Why do men always have to play with feelings and be ambiguous? Frankly, none of them is even being orginal: “you’re my best friend, i feel so close to you. I’m fuckin Nr 34 but you know, you are the one i really like/love”. Worse is when they come to you to cry cause Nr 34 is cheating on them… Trying to be nice, you comfort them and… boom, they kiss you. Urgh, would I be Nr 35? NO THANK YOU! Let’s only be friends… That’s usualy the part when they start sulking on you and go back to Nr 34 or move on to Nr 36 who was already IMing them at the same time…

I have had 4 partners in SL. In the end, I feel like 3 of them have played badly with my feelings, asking a lot when they were giving very little. 2 asked me about RL while they were already cheating on me in SL. One still doesn’t understand why i have declined his offer to meet, by the way… So about meeting in RL? I would need to be able to trust men in SL for this. So far, it hasn’t happened.

And, in the end, while they are with Nr 36, you are still left alone… ranting maybe you should have been Nr 35.

So about relationships in SL? I’ve learned to trust noone.

Skin: *League* Taylor Medium -Feline- Frex
Shape: ** Dunes ** Alice Shape (Coming soon)
Hair: >TRUTH< Marcelle – Jupiter
Eyes: [LeLutka]- -Reflections-Glory-Eyes
Hoodie: *BLITZED* Moody Hoody – khaki
Shorts: *Fishy Strawberry* Billy Denim Shorts – Garage
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit UBU PornStar Lo-Tops
Pose: Glitterati

Bye bye,


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