First picture!

Hi all,

Please meet Amy, the latest cutie in the family.

You can find her at the ** Dunes ** Mainstore or on Xstreet. For a free demo, please visit the mainstore.

See you,


First Entry!

Hi all! So as the family is growing with new shapes almost every week, i think it is time to introduce them to everyone and what better way than starting a blog to do so?

To make it short, what you can expect to find in this blog is pretty simple: pictures with the creations from the ** Dunes ** Mainstore  in Second Life, also some review about things i liked… or not. There wont be much blabla here, i am really not into writing long posts… unless i am ranting about something… Don’t expect me to be sweet either, I am known to voice my opnion loudly and to stand my grown.